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Lubrication for the food industry

We offer special NSF-listed H1 lubricants which can be used in the food industry. H1 certified products at all times can be used in the food industry, and may even come in contact with foods.


H1-qualification and certification has been set as an international standard for lubricants that may be used in the food industry.


F.L.G. GT-Spray

F.L.G. GT-4

F.L.G. GT Spray F.L.G. GT-4

The fully synthetic high-performance grease for special needs in the food range.

The fully synthetic high-performance lubrication grease for extreme requirements.

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Our fully synthetic NSF-registered products for maintenance of machines and systems in the food sector.



S.I.L. F.L.A.
The multifunctional silicone spray for the food industr.
NSF H1- Assembly-paste, also for the food industry
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Food Grade Grease (FG 102)

Food Grade Grease  
Food Grade Grease has excellent mechanical and thermal stability and very good adhesion. The high viscosity of this product makes it very suitable for lubrication of components, which are exposed to high pressure
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With brands like Rivolta and ProPart Indupa provides a versatile range of NSF-certified lubricants for the food industry.