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Cleaning of water-based systems

We offer various NSF-listed cleaners for solving and cleaning of different soilings like residues of oil, grease, soot and dust. Our products can be used in all ranges of industry as well as in the food-, feed- and pharmaceutical industry.


Key benefits of our NSF-listed water-based cleaners

  • High product purity and only selected ingredients
  • All strict requirements for application in the food-, feed- and pharmaceutical industry are fulfilled

B.W.R. 210


B.R.X. 611

B.W.R. 210 B.F.C. B.R.X. 611
The multi-purpose cleaning concentrate with high cleaning power. For removing and cleaning of soilings on different surfaces
The universal biodegradable active foam for cleaning and degreasing of water-resistant surfaces from slightly oily and greasy contaminations

A high active, low foaming, degreasing concentrate especially used in cleaning systems such as water vacuum cleaners and industrial washing machines

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With brands like Rivolta Cassida Indupa provides a versatile range of NSF-certified cleaning products for the food industry.