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Cleaning of hydrocarbon-based systems

For solving and cleaning of different soilings on bearings, gears, machines and motor components as well as on metallic surfaces.


Key benefits of our hydrocarbon-based NSF-listed systems

  • Residue-free evaporation
  • Practically free of aroma
  • High product purity and only selected
  • Strict requirements are fulfilled for application in the food-, feed- and pharmaceutical industry


S.L.X. Rapid

S.B.C. S.L.X. Rapid
A1-Special Cleaner that quickly evaporates and dries completely residue-free
Cleaning of electrical and electronic components, such as e.g. conductor plates, potentiometers, electrical switch gears, equipment, electrical dressings and machines.
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M.T.X. 60

M.T.X. 100

M.T.X. 60 M.T.X. 100
The effective special cleaner with fast evaporatio.
A special cleaner with residue-free evaporation and intensive cleaning power for cleaning oily and greasy soilings on machine parts in the food range.
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Food Grade Parts Cleaner

Food Grade Parts Cleaner  
This cleaner has high resolving abilities and removes non-polar contamination (oil, grease and lubricants). Parts Cleaner Food leaves no residue, is non-corrosive and has a 360° valve.
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With brands like Rivolta and ProPart Indupa provides a versatile range of NSF-certified cleaning products for the food industry.